About Self Defense NY

About Self Defense NY

Self Defense NY is a New York based online self defense training website. The site will include instruction, tips and an up-to-date blog regarding all things self defense.

Our mission is to provide an eclectic collection of self defense resources for those who can’t make it to a training center or school, whatever the reason may be whether it be price, proximity, etc.

Use of our site is completely FREE and does not require a membership! All we ask in return is to spread the word about our great page via social sharing, word of mouth or any way that you are willing and able to.

Be warned, the information on this site is pulled from many different disciplines hence it is not specific to any particular martial art or style. The overall purpose here is to give yourself the biggest selection of tools and knowledge to pull from in the event you have to defend yourself. Please be sure to read our privacy policy which includes our disclaimer regarding any injuries you may sustain practicing and/or using the techniques seen on this site.

Thank you for visiting Self Defense NY – we hope you come back often for all of our frequent updates!